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Flavorful Shortcuts to

Indian/Pakistani Cooking-

THE COOKBOOK: Featuring Simplified Versions of popular Indian/Pakistani Recipes

For Immediate Release...

Written by café owner and cookery teacher Farhana Sahibzada, this mouth-watering new book demystifies the process of cooking authentic, restaurant-quality Indian and Pakistani food at home. Exchanging complicated ingredient lists and laborious techniques with simple methods that anyone will enjoy, the book is poised to make kitchens of homes around the world richer in color and flavor and smell delectable for days. Los Angeles, CA – For the past century, millions around the world have developed an addictive and passionate love for Indian and Pakistani food. However, due to the perceived obstacles of cooking such cuisine at home, most rely on expensive restaurant visits to get the fix they crave. In an effort to change perceptions and allow anyone to stir up authentic Indian and Pakistani cuisine in their own kitchens, culinary expert Farhana Sahibzada is announcing the launch of her new do-it-yourself cookery book. ‘Flavorful Shortcuts to Indian/Pakistani Cooking’ is a true definitive work, covering everything from tandoori appetizers and dozens of entrées to the specialty deserts that top off that perfect Indian meal.

“When I opened my first café in the early 1990s, I planned to incorporate Indian cookery classes into the operation. My approach right from the start was to teach simple shortcuts to the cuisine – something that was in demand after many of my students arrived flustered with complicated recipes that required an overwhelming list of hard-to-find ingredients,” says Sahibzada, who has spent over twenty-five years teaching Indian food cooking in schools, gourmet food markets and numerous professional culinary institutions.

Continuing, “From that point forward, my aim was to simplify this very foreign cuisine for people interested in cooking Indian; not to mention even for myself! My goal was to remove the intimidation and encourage people to cook Indian at home for themselves, their friends and family. And most of all offer directions and techniques to ensure even the very novice cooks, succeed at the first attempt!”

This involved some major ground work of making many culinary journeys back to my land of origin, in-depth research and working along with skilled professionals then fine tuning and testing these treasured recipes for an ease of use, It wasn’t easy – but it sure is tasty!” she adds.

While it shares a myriad of recipes including Biryanni, Chicken Qorma and Shammi Kabobs, the book ensures all readers have a solid grounding in the principles and practices of traditional Indian/Pakistani cooking. For example, the correct use of spices and techniques for highlighting single flavors are fully explained so that home cooks can master concepts that have driven South Asian culture for thousands of years.

Farhana’s husband Dr. Sahibzada, a doctor of internal medicine, touches on the ‘health benefits of herbs and spices’ used in the Indian/Pakistani cuisine via an informative piece he wrote for the book.

To date, the book has attracted a consistent string of rave reviews:

This book is filled with food that is exciting, fresh and do-able. And with Farhana’s tips and tricks and easy to follow techniques, it’s easy enough for even a novice.’

Notes Ms. Joanne Weir, the award winning cookbook author, Television Personality and cooking teacher –who also offered to write the ‘foreword’ of this book.

"Ami, I cooked Aloo Palak from your book today, your easy directions made the cooking a breeze and it came out so good, yum, yum, yum....!" says Mehnaz.

Naureen & Natalie were equally as impressed, adding, “Guess what? We cooked Chicken Karai, Aloo Gajjar and rice last night. It came out delicious and the recipes were so easy to follow."

 ‘Flavorful Shortcuts to Indian/Pakistani Cooking’, published by Trafford publishing, is available now. For more information and sample recipes, visit: